Sydney Harbour Yesteryear by Vicky Anne Gatt



DIMENSIONS (Height - 72.00 cm X Width - 55.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43181-0141-01
COPYRIGHT © Vicky Anne Gatt
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Artist: Vicky Anne Gatt


Vicky Anne Artist


Vicky Anne is a competent, hardworking Artist who is able to come up with a range of original ideas and compositions through various artistic mediums – namely Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media.
Her work is continually changing and evolving – she views every painting as a new adventure with a new set of challenges.
Vicky often looks at the world as one enormous painting - everything being colours, shapes, tone and mood: Enjoying the view and considering all that makes it, how elements relate to one another and what's most important at that moment... appreciating, honing her observation skills and subsequently transferring all onto a canvas using artistic licence and skill is where the challenge lies.


Art has been Vicky’s lifelong hobby and passion, interpreting the scene via sketching, painting, and photographing, making everything come alive in a whole new way is what inspires her. "It makes the everyday more beautiful and, in this way, enriches my life. To share this anyway that I can with others adds an extra dimension of joy to living”.
August 2020 - Vicky retired from a full-time career in a Corporate environment freeing up time to be able to embrace her art even more.


Vicky’s style is realistic or realism with a creative eye for detail, sometimes more painterly, sometimes a bit impressionistic and at other times quite abstract. Different subjects and subject matter inspire different ways of painting.


Studied with many recognised Australian artists including David El-Melky, Michael Zaiter, Kevin Best, John Wilson, Dave Thomas, Colina Grant, Allan Fizzel, Joseph Bezzina, Cathy Harry & Scott Christenson. Vicky has also participated in numerous, demonstrations, tutorials, courses and classes over the past 20 years.


Vicky has successfully exhibited in multiple Art Shows over the years, held a Solo Exhibition and completed many commissions.
Proven success in designing, developing and delivering high quality, professional art pieces to clients according to specification.

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