The Burger by Kushan Magedara

ARTIST NOTES: This is one of my most appreciated works. I have worked on it for many months, using traditional methods of painting which include many glazed layers to achieve realistic qualities. Made carefully by hand, and painted on stretched canvas with expensive high-quality artist grade oil paints. An archival protective varnish is applied over the painting.

Crispy bread, crunchy lettuce and creamy mayonnaise on top of tomato, bacon and a beef patty. Too bad you can’t eat it.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.48 cm X Width - 40.64 cm )
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42780-0137-01
COPYRIGHT © Kushan Magedara
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Artist: Kushan Magedara


I am a passionate self-taught artist from Melbourne, Australia who paints predominantly in oils and began painting professionally in Russia since 2008. Being born and grown up in Sri Lanka, I have been painting for joy throughout my childhood and younger adulthood. I resided in Russia during my younger adulthood to study medicine and continued to paint and sell locally. In Russia and Australia, I have worked in the healthcare sector with specialty in mental health settings. Yet, I have remained fixated on my passion for painting in fine arts.

My thirst to paint diverse subject matters are endless in all my paintings. This is because I perceive beauty in all every day subject matters. My realism art style aims to contract the microscopic details of subjects and to embrace their beauty. I am fascinated with the mechanism of light and its role in defining a subject matter’s formality with reflections, highlights and shadows. I make every day subject matters seem more beautiful and significant than they are actually perceived in life. 

I have explored different modern art styles and applications, but they do not give me the same satisfaction as I get while painting with realism. Using a range of traditional art styles and applications from old masters to create my own painting techniques, I create a balance between the artistry skill and idea to achieve realism in my paintings.

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